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Non Return Valve [Check Valve] Safety Valves, Air Receiver [Air Storage Tank] we can also Supply Crankshaft Bolts, Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners & Sheet Metal Parts, Tie Rods and Pins & Bushes, Studs, Connecting Rod Bolts, Cylinder Head Studs, T Bolts & Foundation Bolts, Spacers & Adapters and Adjusting Screws.

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 Valve Plate

We provide air compressor valve plates for ALL major makes and models of reciprocating air compressors of Hoerbiger make.  Our valve Plates are used in air compressors built for the gas, oil, and power industries

Since the lifetime of a reciprocating compressor depends essentially on the life time of the wear parts, the selection of optimal materials and the development of innovative materials is one of Hoerbiger core competences,

Hoerbiger Valve plates are used in a wide range of compressor applications across different gas compositions and operating temperatures, acting as seals between different pressure zones within the compressor. They open when differential pressures between zones are reached and allow gases to flow from high to low pressure regions during the compression cycle. Hoerbiger Valve plate materials must provide a high degree of physical strength while maintaining high impact and cyclic fatigue resistance. In many instances, compressor plates compress highly acidic or caustic gas streams, posing serious challenges for the chemical of the valve plate material."

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